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At Ashfield Resources, our professionals understand the challenges that our clients face, along with the uncertainties and risks they have to manage, and we provide the help that companies need to succeed throughout the business cycle.


Areas where Ashfield Resources can help you:

At Ashfield resources, we have clients like NORAD, USAID, CDC and World Bank.

Areas where Ashfield Resources helped: NORAD, 2006/7.

Ashfield conducted a capacity building assignment that included human resources and organization review; financial resources management review; service delivery review; external relations review; organizational learning review and strategic management review of Zambia Relief and Development Foundation on behalf of NORAD.

Areas where Ashfield Resources helped: USAID/Zambia Mission.

Ashfield Resouces:

·       Close out financial audit of USAID resources managed by the Zambia

         Agricultural Commodity Agency Limited (ZACA)


 ·       Financial audit of the USAID resources managed by KARA Counseling

         covering expression of opinion on the fund accountability statements,

         expression of an opinion on the systems of internal controls and

         preparation of cost sharing schedules for 2006 and 2007


·       Engaged by USAID to undertake a pre-award survey of the NGOCC to

        assess if they have adequate accounting and management systems,

        internal controls and policies and procedures to handle and account for

        USAID resources.


·      Conducted an assessment of the Financial Management Capabilities,

        Internal Control Systems and Policies, and Procedures and Practices

        (and made recommendations for improvement) of the Zambia

        Community Schools Secretariat.

Areas where Ashfield Resources helped: Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

Ashfield Resources conducted Financial audit of the University Teaching Hospital’s Expansion of Reference Laboratory Infrastructure to Support HIV/AIDS/STD/TB CDC funded in accordance with U.S. Government Auditing Standards issued by the Controller of the United States and the USAID Guidelines for Financial Audits Contracted by Foreign Recipients.

Areas where Ashfield Resources helped: World Bank.

Designed and implemented a computerised financial management and procurement system for the World Bank funded Copperbelt Environment Project. The assignment included networking the Lusaka and Kitwe offices and creating a centralised accounting system domiciled in Lusaka with an internet data transfer backbone.

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